19th National Symposium PREA Track

The 19th National Symposium on Juvenile Services will host the following PREA Workshops:

PREA Resource Center – Update – Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead

This workshop with be structured utilizing a panel. There will be a representative from DOJ, a representative from a major provider working with the Resource Center on Training and Technical Assistance along with a Resource Center staff person.  The main portion of the workshop will be the sharing of Lessons Learned and the Challenges still ahead for the Resource Center as well as the field specific to the PREA Standards.  Following this portion of the workshop will be a Q&A session where workshop participants can ask questions and receive the latest information related to the question.

PREA and Transgender or Gender Nonconforming Youth

This workshop will assist participants in recognizing the challenges of having transgender and gender nonconforming youth in custody. Several PREA guidelines specifically related to housing and caring for transgender and gender nonconforming youth will be highlighted in order to assist participants with discussing and problem solving ways in which facilities interpret differences between sexual orientation and gender identity and how those differences effect policy, programming and other services while in custody.

Introduction to PREA Audit Instrument & Process

This session will provide an overview of the PREA Audit Instrument for juvenile facilities and the PREA audit process.  Participants will receive an introduction to the instrument itself and receive some basic information on how the instrument will be applied in auditing situations.

Application of the Audit Instrument                                     

This session will focus on applying the PREA audit instrument to specific challenging PREA standards.  Participants will learn how the PREA audit instrument can be used to audit specific situations and how to prepare for audits in an effective manner.

PREA Policy Development and Implementation

This session will address the policy requirements embedded within the PREA standards and provide information and strategies on how to address these requirements in conjunction with the PREA Audit Instrument.  Participants will receive key information on how to use policy to address the PREA requirements and how to ensure that policy is implemented appropriately.

Addressing the PREA Training Standards

This session will provide participants with an overview of the PREA employee training standards and how to develop training strategies to address these standards.  Information and resources will be provided on training strategies and materials.

First Response to Sexual Assault

This session will address national best practice in the area of responding to sexual assault.  These practices will be informed by the PREA Standards and will address specific topics such as coordinated response, agreements with outside entities, and follow-up services.

PREA Toolkit in Audit Readiness

This session will provide participants with strategies on how to prepare for their PREA audit, using the PREA Toolkit for Juvenile Agencies and Facilities (along with other resources) as a guide.  Participants will learn how to use the Toolkit in the most effective way so as to ensure they are prepared for the PREA auditing process.

Effective and Professional Communication with LGBTI Youth

This session will address promising and best practices related to working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming (LGBTI) residents.  This will specifically include strategies for effective and professional communication with these residents as required by the PREA Standards.

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