Institute of Applied Juvenile Justice Services (IAJJS)?

What Is the Institute of Applied Juvenile Justice Services (IAJJS)?
Simply stated, the IAJJS co-op is the new research, applied science and professional development division of the National Partnership for Juvenile Services (NPJS or The Partnership).
Building Capacity in Difficult Times

For many years, federal grants were used to support training, technical assistance and research for the field of juvenile services — first through support for the Center for Research and Professional Development (1998-2007) and more recently the National Center for Youth in Custody (2012-2015). Over the past decade federal funding has become so volatile that NPJS can no longer afford to rely on federal resources to support these efforts.

In addition, state and local funding support for training and technical assistance has also become more limited than ever before. When budget cuts are required, they have historically been for such things as training, travel and technical assistance. Despite the loss of these fiscal resources, expectations for minimizing risk, meeting standards and adhering to local, state and federal regulations remain ever present.

How Will the Institute Benefit My Agency or Facility?

Many will ask: What Does the Institute Provide that I Can’t Get Elsewhere? The answer is simple. The NPJS-IAJJS, with your support, believes it has the capacity to meet your needs and minimize some of the “fallout” from these on-going cuts in funding.

Investment in the IAJJS will support the ongoing development of information and training resources for the field of juvenile services. It will allow juvenile services staff to have a strong, collective voice aimed at reinstating and increasing funding support at all levels for individuals and organizations serving at-risk and delinquent youth and bring the issues of these youth back to the forefront.

Services Provided by the Institute

Products, Tools, and Resources

Training modules for direct care staff include:

  • Adolescent Brain Development
  • Behavior Management
  • Building Healthy Relationships with Youth
  • Managing Mentally Ill Youth
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Trauma Responsive Custody

Training modules for educators include:

  • Addressing the Mixed Ability Classroom in Confinement Settings
  • Education Transition Services
  • Increasing Student Engagement
  • Technology in Custody & Alternative Education Settings
Practitioner-Focused Research

Support with using The Desktop Guide to Quality Practice for Working with Youth in Confinement, a web-based resource designed to enhance the knowledge and expertise of juvenile services and adult corrections practitioners, and researchers and academicians.

Support with using Best Practices in Learning and Performance Improvement, an instrument designed to provide an online assessment tool and resource guide to improve the quality of learning and performance in the juvenile justice field.

Support with using The Journal of Applied Juvenile Justice Services, a refereed, multi- disciplinary on-line publication promotes the values of NPJS by exploring and explaining complex evidence-based principles that direct care practitioners and administrators must apply in daily practice.

Learning, Networking & Performance Improvement Opportunities

Partnering to Serve Webinar Series broadcasting six (6) webinars annually on timely topics to support staff development with access as requested to webinar presenters following these webinars.

Free or reduced* registration fees for agency/facility staff to attend the annual National Symposium on Juvenile Services and other regional training events coordinated by NPJS.

Membership in NPJS for the agency/organization’s point-of- contact.

Technical Support & Consultation

Ongoing technical assistance (TA) and consultation with NPJS-IAJJS staff and designated experts to facilitate problem solving.

Development of Customized Professional Development or Technical Assistance Package based on agency or facility needs and IAJJS membership level.

Investing in the Institute

Investments in the IAJJS are based on agency/facility size. Benefits are negotiable and based on investment amount and investor’s needs.

State Agency:                                   $10,000

Extra Large Facility (201+Beds):     $5,000

Large Facility (101-200 Beds):         $2,500

Medium Facility (26-100 Beds):      $1,000

Small Facility (25 or Fewer Beds):

Ten percent of each investment will be dedicated to resource development (e.g. training modules, publications, etc.).  These resource materials will then be available at no-cost to the investors and for a fee to the rest of the field.


Advisory Council

An Advisory Council will guide the activities of the Institute. Advisory council members will be administrators or designees of investing agencies/facilities serving youth in confinement. 

**Please feel free to share this information with others. As with any cooperative, the greater the number of members in the cooperative, the greater the resources available to support the benefits of membership.