National Partnership for Juvenile Services Board of Directors

Anthony (T. J.) Andrisano, J.D. (PA)
Appointed Representative, Legal Services

Wayne R. Bear, MSW (PA)
President & CEO, National Partnership for Juvenile Services

Dr. Marie Bly (TN)
Representing Court Services

Rhea Bowman (AK)
Appointed Representative, Correctional Education Association

Dipesh Chauhan (PA)
Representing Community-Based Services

Leonard Dixon (IL)
Representing Short Term Detention / Shelters

Earl L. Dunlap (IL)
Emeritus Trustee

Randy Farmer (NE)
Representing Educators of At-Risk & Delinquent Youth

Richard Gordon (PA)
State Affiliate Representative

Chuck Parkins (NY)
Representing Long Term Corrections / Residential Services

Kellie Rhodes (CO)
Representing Behavioral Health / Clinical Services

Mykel Selph (IL)
Representing Staff Training & Professional Development