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Best Practices in Learning and Performance Improvement

Free Online Training Assessment Tool

The purpose of this instrument is to provide an online assessment tool and resource guide to improve the quality of learning and performance in the juvenile justice field. Research tells us that in juvenile justice, staff perception of the amount and quality of training they receive is closely related to their levels of engagement (Spriggs, 2014).

Whether you are the director of a group home with eight employees, a human resource director who is also responsible for the learning function, a team leader charged with evaluating and making recommendations for the organization’s learning function, or a learning administrator responsible for a learning unit and hundreds or thousands of organizational employees, this assessment and resource guide can help you:

  • Assess the current learning and performance improvement in the organization against best professional practices
  • Establish goals for the learning function
  • Develop an action plan to reach those goals
  • Establish a network of support
  • Improve employee engagement

To obtain access to this tool, please request an invitation by emailing