With federal grant funds, the National Partnership for Juvenile Services (NPJS) was able to either update existing training material or develop new material to support the professional development of educators in juvenile confinement facilities. Each training module listed below contains a Facilitator Guide, a Participant Manual, a PowerPoint Presentation, and video segments from the NPJSpeaks Series highlighting nationally recognized experts speaking on the training topic. We hope you find the resources beneficial to your training efforts. Requests for additional training and technical assistance support can be directed to the NPJS office at NPJS@me.com.

Engaging Youth in Learning
This course is designed to help teachers enhance student engagement in the emotional, cognitive and behavioral realms. Teachers will learn how to collect and analyze data regarding student engagement and how to use that data to create a student centered, positive focused classroom climate. Engaging Youth in Learning – Preparatory Work for Participants Engaging Youth in Learning Lesson Plan Engaging Youth in Learning Participant Guide Engaging Youth in Learning Power Point
Mixed Ability Classrooms
Are you a teacher in a confinement setting? Do you struggle with meeting the needs of your mixed-ability students? This workshop will help you to improve their educational outcomes. You will learn the importance of using data to develop student/class profiles, ways to balance the needs for following standards and meeting student needs, and techniques for differentiating instruction in your mixed-ability classroom. Mixed Ability Classroom Lesson Plan Mixed Ability Classroom Participant Guide Mixed Ability Classroom Power Point Mixed Ability Classroom Pre-Training Activities
Technology in Custody and Alternative Education Settings

Educators in confinement often are constrained in their use of technology in the classroom because of safety and security concerns, budget challenges, or unfamiliarity with technology terms, devices, and opportunities. This course is designed to address concerns of both the educator and the facility administration, guide participants to explore and practice using a range of devices and applications, and become familiar with terminology. Participants will develop a plan for next steps to enhance their use of technology in the classroom and thus to enhance the educational experience of their students.

Technology in Education Lesson Plan

Technology in Education Participant Manual

Technology in Education PowerPoint