Professionals who work with at-risk, troubled, or delinquent youth are confronted with a broad spectrum of issues, challenges, and concerns. Within the juvenile justice services field, individuals—from direct care staff, to administrators, to community leaders and policymakers—need access to independent and usable research. To be of most value, this research should focus on critical issues and emerging trends. Ultimately, the test of utility will be how effectively practitioners can apply concepts and lessons learned on a daily basis.

The National Partnership for Juvenile Services (NPJS) is pleased to sponsor the Journal of Applied Juvenile Justice Services (JAJJS), a refereed, multi-disciplinary publication dedicated to critically examining a wide variety of topics related to juvenile justice. The journal is intended to disseminate to juvenile justice practitioners and researchers timely information focused on critical issues, including effective strategies and practice; the operation and administration of juvenile facilities such as detention, corrections, residential treatment, shelter facilities, group homes, and other community-based and institutional placements for youth; programming such as educational, recreation, medical and mental health, focus groups, and life skills training; trends in juvenile justice; legal issues that affect juvenile justice practice; ethical issues in the treatment of juveniles; and leadership and training in juvenile justice. The aforementioned is accomplished through research articles, thought-provoking editorials, and book reviews.

The JAJJS is the next step in the progression of a series of applied journals published by NPJS and its partner organizations over the past four decades beginning with the Counterpoint and the Journal for Juvenile Justice and Detention Services, both of which were published by the National Juvenile Detention Association (NJDA) between 1968 and 2004, followed by the Journal for Juvenile Justice Services, published by NPJS between 2004 and 2009.

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The National Partnership for Juvenile Services (NPJS) is a nonprofit membership organization that provides professional development and technical assistance and promotes best practices and standards to the field of juvenile justice and delinquency prevention to positively impact youth, families and communities.

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The Institute of Applied Juvenile Justice Services (IAJJS) is the research, applied science, and training arm of NPJS.


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The JAJJS is supported with funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.  We thank them for their support but acknowledge that the findings and conclusions presented in the Journal are those of the author(s) alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Foundation.