Our Vision The Journal of Applied Juvenile Justice Services (JAJJS) will be recognized as one of the juvenile justice profession’s most important publications. The Journal will explore and explain complex evidence-based principles that direct care practitioners and administrators apply in daily experience.

Our Mission The Journal of Applied Juvenile Justice Services (JAJJS) shares useable knowledge about effective practices, strategies, and standards used to impact positively the field of juvenile justice services, youth, families, and communities.

Our Values NPJS and JAJJS value:

  • Commitment to excellence in professional development.
  • Cooperative, collaborative research grounded in honesty, integrity, and trust.
  • Multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective research.
  • The presentation of effective practice and data-driven research results to practitioners and the general public.
  • Utilization of technology and critical thinking to investigate issues in juvenile services.
  • Knowledge as the catalyst for change.