To assist in carrying out the business and purposes of the Partnership, there shall exist two (2) types of Committees:  Standing Committees and Special Committees.

All Standing Committee and Special Committee chairpersons shall be appointed by the NPJS Board of Directors and must be a member of the organization.  Committee chairpersons shall appoint committee members to their committees and conduct committee meetings as deemed appropriate.  They shall submit reports and/or recommendations to the CEO prior to each Board of Director’s meeting for the purpose of being placed on the Board’s Meeting agenda.

Committees may be assigned additional duties by the Board of Directors.


Critical Issues and Policy Direction Committee

This committee shall:  1) monitor critical issues confronting the profession and formulate position statements or resolutions that clearly articulate the Partnership’s stance on a respective topic; 2) monitor the Constitution and By-Laws to ensure they remain current and that the organization operates in accordance with them; 3) monitor the Partnership Offices’ operational policy and procedures manual; 4) act in an advisory or review capacity to any committee upon assignment by the Board of Directors.

Membership and Marketing Committee

This Committee shall:  1) promote and support membership development; 2) monitor dues structures; 3) monitor all membership category requirements; 4) develop and monitor all membership benefit packages; 5) assist with marketing plan development and implementation; 5) monitor the Partnership’s website.

Nominations Committee

This Committee, chaired by the Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors, shall: 1) work to build leaders within the Partnership to ensure ongoing sustainability; 2) promote opportunities for involvement within the Partnership; 3) monitor the criteria for nomination and election procedures; 4) monitor the voting procedures for Organizational Council offices as elicited from the membership; 6) certify as accurate the voting procedures and voting outcomes for the Council positions.

Special Committees

Special Committees may be created by the Chair and/or the Board of Directors.

We want you to be involved…email to request to serve on a committee or to get additional information regarding current committee work.