The 19th National Symposium on Juvenile Services will offer two Pre-Symposium Workshops on Monday, October 21, 2013 from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.  In these two in-depth, information-packed workshops, you’ll tackle current juvenile topics and get a comprehensive overview of some of the key issues you’ll need to be thinking about for your facility or organization.

Advanced registration and additional fees are required for pre-symposium workshops, and you must be a registered attendee of the 19th National Symposium on Juvenile Services to register.

No Such Thing As a Bad Kid: The Power of a Strength-Based Approach in Reshaping the Lives of Troubled Children and Youth 

Session Description:  Strength-based practice is an emerging approach to helping at-risk youth and their families that is exceptionally positive and inspiring. Its focus is on strength-building rather than flaw-fixing. It begins with the belief that every individual has or can develop strengths and utilize past successes to mitigate problem behavior and enhance functioning. This comprehensive workshop will highlight many of the key principles and techniques of this transforming modality. Areas covered include: What is strength-based practice & the power of a positive attitude & culture; strength-based communication principles and techniques – including reframing, using solution-focused questions and inspirational metaphors; self-esteem building & activities for at-risk youth; how to help cognitively inflexible young people; the importance of being family centered; why, how, and when to use incentive plans; respectful limit setting; and a host of creative cognitive behavioral strategies.

Presenter Bio:  Charlie Appelstein, M.S.W. is a nationally prominent youth care specialist and author whose primary focus is on using and teaching positive, strength-based approaches with children and youth struggling with serious emotional and behavioral issues. President of Appelstein Training Resources, LLC, Charlie trains and consults throughout the United States as well as internationally, with treatment facilities, foster care programs, parent groups, schools, and juvenile justice programs.

He has authored a number of award-winning, strength-based books, DVDS, and CDs that are widely used within the field, including No Such Thing as a Bad Kid: Understanding and Responding to the Challenging Behavior of Troubled Children and Youth.   These resources will be available at a discount to Symposium attendees.

XXX-ploitation and Expendable People

Session Description:  The issue of human trafficking is one that spans the globe. It is an equal opportunity crime that generates billions of dollars to those purveyors of flesh. The crime of modern day slavery exists in every corner of our world and touches every aspect of our lives. From child labor, to the lucrative sex trade, we see younger and younger victims fall prey to the coercion of traffickers. In the United States, in the South Florida Region, the issue of domestic minor sex trafficking, otherwise known as the commercial sexual exploitation of children is a grave issue. Identification, educations, and awareness for law enforcement, the community, and schools is paramount in order to attempt to combat the ills that befall our society.

This workshop provides an overview of the crime of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking which encompasses every demographic, but focuses on the extremely vulnerable juvenile. The commercial sex trade and human trafficking has become the second most lucrative criminal enterprise in the world, second only to drug trafficking. This workshop will pay specific attention to youth, vulnerabilities, the online grooming process, and recognizing the signs of trafficking. Runaways, throwaways, and vulnerable children fall prey to traffickers, and systems working with youth need to “look beneath the surface” to recognize potential victims.

Presenter Bio:  Adriane Reesey currently serves with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Law Enforcement Community Involvement, having begun her career in law enforcement and its periphery in 1977, just before the Johnstown Flood that claimed over 200 lives; She owns the criminal justice consulting firm, TriggerFish CJC, and has been an adjunct professor at several local South Florida Universities.

Adriane Reesey has conducted training for the Governor’s Conference in Louisiana (2012), the Department of Law Enforcement (2012), and the National Juvenile Justice Symposium (2011) as well as the IAWP Mississippi Women in Law Enforcement Annual Training (2010).

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