Data-Driven Juvenile Justice Education

Produced by NPJS Council for Educators of At-Risk & Delinquent Youth

What gets measured gets done?, a quote from Reinventing government, would have been a fitting title for the publication you are about to read: Data-Driven Juvenile Justice Education. Editors Thomas G. Blomberg, Gordon P. Waldo, and Mark R. Yeisley are part of an exciting project in Florida, which applies systematic, research-based methodology in evaluating the effectiveness of educational programs for youth under the care of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Meaningful evaluation of educational services provided to at-risk and delinquent youth, and how this translates in to community reintegration, are often discussed, but rarely acted upon. The Florida State University, Juvenile Justice Education Enhancement Program (JJEEP) is an exception. This project, funded by the Florida Department of Education, has been conducting on-going research, providing technical assistance, and evaluating educational services delivered to students in various juvenile justice facilities throughout the State of Florida since 1998. This publication is written to aid both research and practitioners in their efforts to measure the effectiveness of educational programs and to apply these principles in their own program and jurisdiction.

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