Survival Skills for Supervisors

Produced by NPJS Juvenile Justice Trainers Council

So now you're a supervisor! Congratulations! You've worked hard to get to this point in your career. In addition to your education and experience, you've shown determination, enthusiasm, initiative and a sense of dedication. Why do you want to be a supervisor? Your initial response might include such things as high pay, more prestige, more power, a grater voice in what happens in your organization, another step up the ladder of success. The opportunities are exciting. Now you're faced with the first day in this new position. Here is a sampling of items on your desk on day one: 1) you have a vacancy that needs to be filled immediately; 2) you need to approve the vacation schedule; 75% of the staff has asked for the same week off; 3) one of your staff asks for a conference; she wants to file a sexual harassment complaint about another worker; 4) you have a note on your desk from your supervisor - three staff performance reviews are due next week; 5) when you walk around the office to get a feel for the staff and the operations here, you can't seem to find anyone. You discover everyone in the "break room" telling jokes, sharing weekend stories, reading the paper. It's 9:30 a.m. When they see you, they tell you this is the way they get their motors going each day. Rough start? Don't get discouraged. Help is on the way. That's just what this workbook is for - to help you learn how to be a good supervisor, to help you by giving answers for some of the many questions you'll have and to provide guidelines to help you discover answers in new situations - SURVIVAL SKILLS FOR SUPERVISORS.

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