Best Practices in Staff Development & Training

Produced by NPJS Juvenile Justice Trainers Council

This publication, a completely revised and updated rewrite of the Guidelines for Quality Training published by JJTA in 1996, is designed to help professionals who are responsible for staff straining in any size organization to: A) assess your current training program against best professional practices; B) establish new goals for your training program; C) develop an action plan to meet those goals; D) establish a network of support Like the original publication, Best Practices is divided into three sections: 1) Organization (Staff Training Policy, Organization Design, Budget Planning and Administration, Legal Issues: Liability and Copyright); 2) Program (Needs assessment, Training Plan, Course Development, Lesson Plans, Deliver System, Documentation, Evaluation, Course Review and Update); and 3) Staffing (DACUM competency profiles for Juvenile Justice Program Manager and Trainers; Individual and Team Development). Each section includes detailed descriptions of steps for development, followed by tips and samples. In addition, this revised publication includes an extensive annotated bibliography as well as annotated web sites for associations, publications and general help under each section. It also includes cross references to other related information within the manual, quick help guides to take the reader to the most useful resources for specific areas, and validated DACUM profiles for the two most prevalent training positions.

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