The National Partnership for Juvenile Services is once again sponsoring the “Bob Rader Line Staff Worker of the Year” Award and the “Bob Rader Detention Services Worker of the Year” Award.

There are in fact distinct differences in the awards by definition.  However, each is equally as important and allows each facility to select one individual from each category if they so choose.

  • Juvenile Line Staff Worker – By definition, an individual responsible for the direct supervision of youth in an in-custody environment.
  • Juvenile Detention Services Worker – By definition, an individual working in any form of detention services (i.e., secure, home detention) at any level of the organizational structure (i.e. supervisory, social services, food services, medical services, maintenance services).

You are invited to select one (1) individual for each category for these awards utilizing the following guidelines:

  1. The Administrator of the facility and/or detention services system should be responsible for effecting an election/selection process to determine the recipient(s) of each award.
  2. The recipient of the “Line Staff” Award must be a full-time employee providing direct supervision.
  3. The recipient of the “Detention Services” Award must be a full-time employee within the umbrella of a detention services system.
  4. The recipient(s) name and other identifying information must be submitted on the attached form.
  5. Only one person can be nominated for each category.

The attached form(s) must be returned each year by September 1.

We encourage your participation in this very important process.

Bob Rader Award Form

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