Why Art? Blog XIII…by Joe Szafarowicz


Art programming has a lot to offer. Youth in Custody at the Youth Treatment Center and the Juvenile Detention Center in Toledo, Ohio met with the following artists as part of the art programming enrichment activities scheduled through the Art Integrated Math Program:

  1. Julie Webster, ceramic artist, business owner, instructor
  2. Tom Lingamen, sculptor, university professor, artist
  3. Robert Garcia, teacher, artist, painter and sculptor
  4. Michelle Carlson, artist, printmaker, art commission board member, university instructor
  5. Aaron Bivins, watercolor artist, instructor
  6. Alex Debuekellear, artist, exhibit designer,
  7. Jennifer Bandeen artist, instructor, Toledo Museum of Art Gallery Manger, Outreach Program Manager

In addition to meeting the artists and working with them on various art activities our young people visited and toured the following:

  1. Toledo Museum of Art Sculpture Lab
  2. Toledo Museum of Art Sculpture Garden
  3. Art Supply Depo, retail art supply store and teaching facility
  4. Fifth Third Bank Gallery
  5. Roots of Diversity Exhibition
  6. Toledo Zoo Graphics Arts Department

While touring and visiting with artist and professionals youth in the Discovery Art Program learned about:

  1. Sculpting, weight, balance, volume
  2. Painting, color theory, heat, evaporation, composition
  3. Printmaking, measurement, pricing, proportion, sales
  4. Math, science, history, habitat, environment
  5. Reptiles, evolution, extinction, animal care, medication, diet and biology
  6. Job requirements, careers, education, schools, degrees, majors, finance

Art programming can be more than learning how to paint, draw, master perspective or shading. Art programming can expand horizons, introduce youth to talented role models, new techniques, gain access to fascinating businesses, and through all of that ground academics to real world applications.

Soon a unique collaboration between the Toledo Museum of Art and the Juvenile Detention Center will take art programming to new heights. Through the establishment of the Art Integrated Math Enrichment Program youth under the care of the court will take classes at the museum, meet artists, tour and experience everything that one of the greatest museums in the world can offer.

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