One Member’s Perspective

My job is important. We have a high calling, a sacred responsibility, and important task: To redeem the unredeemable and make the community, the public, and society a better place in the process.  I take my job seriously. It is a profession. No matter how much I know, profess to know, or have experienced, there is much more to learn. I must continually expand my knowledge and skills within this profession in order to meet the challenges and needs of troubled youth, beleaguered staff, and highly stressed institutions.  The value of a professional association is that it provides strength and support to me in all these areas.  It surrounds me with other kindred spirits, who are caring and sympathetic to my struggle, who support and encourage my efforts, who comfort and correct my failures, and who rejoice greatly in those all-tooinfrequent times of success.  I am a part of good things that happened before me in this profession; I am a contributor to the good things that are currently happening in this profession; and I am preparing the way for others to do good things in the future. I derive no satisfaction in the growth and preservation of my profession by maintaining only an active role in my institution, my local unit of government, or my “ivory tower.” Likewise, saying I am a professional does not make me one; acting in a professional manner moves me closer to that goal; but membership in a professional association helps fulfill my professional aspirations.

I need your help. Join my pursuit today. Join NPJS.