The staff and members of the National Partnership for Juvenile Services share a deep commitment to improving our juvenile justice system. We have access to a wealth of knowledge, training, and technical support resources to support the juvenile justice profession.  We have working relationships with experts in all key discipline areas and can quickly and easily develop flexible teams to address specific problems that a jurisdiction may have to address.

NPJS advocates for the improvement of our nation’s juvenile justice system by:

  • Interpreting and promoting juvenile justice best practice principles at the national, state and local levels;
  • Defining and promoting the mission of juvenile services;
  • Stimulating the development and operation of training programs for the entire juvenile service profession;
  • Encouraging writing and publication in the field of juvenile services;
  • Advocating for quality standards in juvenile service programs;
  • Facilitating the collection and dissemination of data with respect to juvenile services;
  • Conducting juvenile justice research;
  • Serving as a national network for persons and organizations interested in juvenile services;
  • Collaborating with other organizations and professional groups with a primary interest in the field of juvenile services.